Academic/Honors Opportunities

There is a broad range of organizations for UI students who want to begin building their academic involvement outside of the classroom. These academic organizations include groups like the Art History Society, the award winning Mock Trial Club, and the Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity.

Search your college's web site for additional honors societies in your area of study. These groups offer further opportunities to get involved in your field of study or contribute to the academic life in your college.

You can also browse for academic based organizations by logging in to OrgSync

Students in the University of Iowa Honors Program have a variety of activities from which to choose. Sponsored programs encompass honors initiatives for art, discourse, diversity, foreign relations, and volunteering. All help carry out Iowa's commitment to learning by doing.

Honors at Iowa is a community of opportunity, supporting students as they develop through a variety of personal initiatives. Honors education begins with coursework, offering classes, sections and seminars specifically designed for talented and engaged students. Honors classes are composed of all or nearly all honors members, taught by a selected instructor. Honors seminars are small, interactive classes, while Honors sections offer special depth and intensity in discussion and laboratory sections linked to larger lectures. Honors students can also turn regular classes into honors classes through Honors Contracts (also called Honors Designation).

In addition to coursework, Honors also awards credit for experiences that take students beyond the classroom to apply what they have learned in new and practical contexts—experiences such as research, service learning, internships, study abroad, and honors theses.  These classes and experiences include many settings for learning by doing, an educational emphasis of Honors at Iowa. 

Honors at Iowa awards University Honors recognition for academic achievement. Students who complete the 12+12 program of coursework plus experiences earn University Honors on transcript and diploma.

Eligible students receive an email invitation to join Honors at Iowa.

Honors Staff Positions