Alesha Cole

Hello! I'm Alesha Cole, and I'm a Mentor! I am a Chemistry/Pre-dental major who transferred to University of Iowa from Upper Iowa University. 

Best Experience at Iowa So Far: The best experience at Iowa so far has been making friends in the classroom, in addition to where I work.  I have had fun group experiences working on projects and going out with friends.

Favorite Class So Far and Why: My favorite class so far has been Mona Lisa to Modernism because since I love doing art as a hobby in and out of the classroom, it was a fun experience for me to learn further about art and its meaning.

One Piece of Advice for a New Transfer Student: One piece of advice I would tell transfer students would be to get involved in activities, such as organizations or finding a job where you can make great friends and enjoy what you are doing.  In addition, go see your professors because they can help out with whatever area you need help with for the class.

Portrait of Alesha Cole