Alex Anton

Hello! I'm Alex Anton, and I'm a Mentor! I am a Political Science major who transferred to University of Iowa from University of Illinois at Springfield. 

Best Experience at Iowa So Far: My best experience at Iowa so far has been all the football games, meeting new friends, and joining organizations.  It keeps you really busy but motivates you to work even harder at school!

Favorite Class So Far and Why: My favorite class at Iowa has been US Congress.  This class taught me how the US Congress works, the rules and regulations that they have to adhere to, and why certain policies can or cannot be changed (or to the extent that they could) in our current political system.

One Piece of Advice for a New Transfer Student: One piece of advice I would offer new transfer students is to join a lot of organizations, such as their resident hall’s association.  Doing this allows you to meet new people (especially people in the same building as you if you take a dorm leadership initiative) fast.

Portait of Alex Anton