Applying for Financial Aid

To begin the application process, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the web at To apply for need-based aid programs for the 2013-2014 school year, submit the following required forms as soon as possible to the UI Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA): 

  • Photocopies of all necessary 2012 federal income tax returns
  • University of Iowa Verification Form (You'll get info about this form on OSFA receives your FAFSA.)

Award Notification

One OSFA receives all materials, staff will review your eligibility for financial aid and send you an award notification that outlines the programs from which you can receive aid. The notification explains eligibility requirements and how aid is received.

Financial Aid Programs

Financial aid can come in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and employment. See the OSFA website for details on aid programs.

Eligibility Requirements

To receive funds through OFSA, you must meet the following criteria in addition to the requirements stated on your award notification:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States for some types of aid
  • Demonstrate financial need as determined by established formulas for certain institutional, state, and federal programs
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the university's academic progress standards
  • Comply with Selective Service registration
  • Not be in default on an educational loan, or owe a refund on a grant or loan at any institution
  • Be enrolled at least half time in a program leading toward a UI degree

If enrolled less than half-time (fewer than six semester hours for undergraduates, five semester hours for graduate students) your aid will be canceled.