Cami DeForest

Hello! I'm Cami DeForest, and I'm a Mentor! I am a Health and Human Physiology major with an emphasis in Pre- Physical Therapy who transferred to University of Iowa from Des Moines Area Community College and Graceland University. 

Best Experience at Iowa So Far: I joined intramurals and CRU (Crusade for Christ) and met a lot of friends that are now some of my closest friends.

Favorite Class So Far and Why: My favorite class is Principle’s of Chemistry with Dr. Larson. He makes the class a lot of fun and explains activities in a way that’s easy to understand.

One Piece of Advice for a New Transfer Student: Don’t worry. You are not the only one that has had a tough time with certain situations. There is always someone to talk to or to help you out in one way or another.

Portrait of Cami DeForest