On-Campus Resources

Academic Advising Center, C210 PC, (319) 353-5700. E-Mail: advising-center@uiowa.edu

  • Provides information regarding your major and pre‑planning for upcoming registrations.

Academic Programs & Student Development, 120 SH,  (319) 335-2633. Email: clasps@uiowa.edu

  • Provides support for College of Liberal Arts and Science students

Astronomy Tutorial Lab – 309 VAN, 335-1686

Career Center, C310 PC, (319) 335‑1023.  E-mail: careercenter@uiowa.edu

  • Provides various career exploration programs for individuals and groups, as well as personal career counseling and assistance with resumes and job searches.

Center for Diversity and Enrichment (CDE), 24 Phillips Hall, (319) 335‑3555.  E-mail: cde@uiowa.edu

  • Provides academic support services and promotes educational opportunities for underserved students from diverse backgrounds. Provides free tutoring for qualified students through TRiO STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES

Chemistry Center –E225 CB, 335-1341

College of Business Advising, 108 PBB, Suite C140, (319) 335-0862. Email: business-undergrad@uiowa.edu

  • Provides academic advising and support for College of Business students

College of Engineering Student Development Center, 3124 SC, (319) 335-5763. Email: engineering@uiowa.edu

  • Provides advising, tutoring, scholarships, and professional development opportunities for students in the College of Engineering or prospective students

Computer Science Help Lab – 301 MLH, 335-0713

  • Provides computing help service for students in computer science courses, particularly CS:1110 (22C:005), CS:1210 (22C:016), CS:2230 (22C:021), CS:2820 (22C:022), CS:3110 (22C:104), and CS:3210 (22C:109)

Dean of Students Office, 135 IMU. (319) 335-1162. Email: dos@uiowa.edu

  • Provides a variety of programs and services to assist and support students in achieving academic and personal success

Division of Continuing Education, 250 CEF, (319) 335-2575. Email: credit-programs@uiowa.edu

  • Provides advising and support for students taking online and extension courses

Engineering Tutorial Programs

  • Offer free tutoring at specific times for students in the College of Engineering.

Family Services Office, 121 University Services Building, Suite 50, (319) 335-1371.  E-mail: familyservices@uiowa.edu

  • Provides assistance to students with their family-related responsibilities.

GEP Spanish - Virtual Language Support Center

  • Please go to the Communicate tab in MySpanish Lab and click on Blackboard IM.

GPA Calculator

History Teaching and Writing Center – 303 SH, 335-2584

  • Provides assistance to undergraduate students with writing assignments for history classes

Language Media Center – 120 PH, 335-2331

  • Provides students with facilities and services for traditional language laboratory work as well as for foreign language video and computer-based activities

Mathematics Tutorial Laboratory – 125 MLH, 335-0810

  • Individual and drop‑in tutoring for students enrolled in 22M:001 (MATH:0100) Basic Algebra I – 22M:033 (MATH:2550) Engineering Math III: Matrix Algebra

Nursing Clinical Education Center (NCEC) – General Hospital (GH), 319-356-1616

  • Staff and students use the facility for simulation training, educational enrichment, orientation and competency review, learning how to provide safe, effective and compassionate care before providing direct care to patients.

Office of the Ombudsperson, C108 SSH, (319) 335-3608. Email: ombudsperson@uiowa.edu

  • Offers a safe place to discuss concerns about the university or its policies and procedures

Office of the Registrar, 17 and 311 CALH, 1 JH, (319) 335-0238. Email: registrar@uiowa.edu

  • Provides support for registration, semester withdrawals, transcripts, residency, verifications, graduation analysis, and veterans

Office of Academic Support and Retention, 310 CALH, (319) 335-1497. Email: uc-retention@uiowa.edu

  • Provides services and programs for a seamless transition to The University of Iowa and to academic success

Physics Tutorial Lab – 54 VAN, 335-1686

  • Provides assistance to students enrolled in physics classes

Residence Life Tutoring Program

  • A weekly schedule is posted online, bring your syllabus and class assignments

School of Journalism & Mass Communication Resource Center – E350 AJB, 319-335-0510

  • Writing Assistance with Journalism writing assignments.

Spanish Writing Center (SWC) – 303 Phillips Hall (new location!)

  • Make a 30-minute appointment on the sign-up sheet on the door of 303 Phillips for the current week or the upcoming week.
  • SPAN:2000 (35:103) Spanish Language Skills: Writing
  • SPAN:2030 (35:109) Study of Language: Myths and Concepts
  • SPAN:2400 (35:110) Readings in Spanish Literature
  • SPAN:2500 (35:111) Readings in Spanish American Literature
  • SPAN:2300 (35:112) Introduction to Reading Literature
  • Students in other 100-level Spanish courses may also receive help with their writing projects on a space-available basis.

Speaking Center – 412 EPB, 335-0205 E-mail: speaking-center@uiowa.edu

  • Provides individual instruction to improve speaking skills, free of charge, assistance provided on a first-come, first-serve basis

Statistics Tutorial Lab – 202 CC, 335-2970

  • Provides free tutoring for students enrolled in STAT:1010 (22S:002), STAT:1030 (22S:008), STAT:1020 (22S:025)/ PSQF:1020 (7P:025), STAT:2020 (22S:039), and other introductory statistics courses

Student Disability Services, 3015 B, (319) 335‑1462. Email: sds-information@uiow.edu

  • Facilitates academic accommodations and services for students with disabilities

Student Financial Aid, 208 Calvin Hall, (319) 335-1450.  E-mail: financial-aid@uiowa.edu

  • Provides advice and assistance to students receiving or seeking financial aid.

Student Health & Wellness, 4189 Westlawn, (319) 335‑8370. E-mail: student-health@uiowa.edu

  • Provides medical evaluations, pharmacy services, information, and counseling regarding issues such as fitness, nutrition, sexual health, stress management and substance abuse

SWAT Study, Workshops and Tutoring – 310 Calvin Hall, 335-1733

  • Open for tutoring and supplemental instruction Sunday – Thursday
  • Sessions are free, drop-in, group tutoring

TRiO Student Support Services, 18 Phillips Hall, (319) 335-1288, E-mail: trio-sss@uiowa.edu

  • Provides free tutoring for qualified students

Tutor Iowa 310 Calvin Hall, 335-1733

  • Searchable tutor referral service

WISE Tutoring – 3rd Floor Stanley Hall

  • Provides tutoring in math/science/engineering for WISE members

University Billing Office, 3223 WL, (319) 335‑7294. Email: ucs@uiowa.edu

  • Issues U-bills for tuition and fees, room and board, and miscellaneous charges. Disburses financial aid. Accepts U-bill payments at the University of Iowa Community Credit Union, IMU Branch.

University Counseling Services, 3223 Westlawn, (319) 335‑7294. E-mail: ucs@uiowa.edu

  • Offers educational, vocational, and personal counseling as well as therapy in individual or group sessions. UCS also offers programs, workshops, and consultations.

The Writing Center – 110 EPB, 335-0188

  • Provides individual instruction to improve writing skills