Changing Your Registration

Before classes begin

You can use ISIS to change your registration, but check with your advisor about significant changes (i.e., a course change, not a time change).

After classes begin

All changes to your registration after a class begins must be processed at the Registrar’s Service Center. Changes may include adding and dropping classes, changing sections within a course, and registering to take a course pass/nonpass.

It is possible (and not unusual) to make changes in your registration. There are procedures to follow and deadlines to keep in mind.

Adding/dropping courses

The Office of the Registrar uses separate forms for dropping and/or adding courses. Both forms require your advisor’s signature (unless you are in the Tippie College of Business). Once classes begin, you will need the instructor’s signature as well. There are cases when special permission from the collegiate dean is necessary, or other administrative offices.

The form used to add a course is also used to change sections within a course. Since your advisor already has approved the course, his or her signature is unnecessary. However, each instructor signature is required. No fee is assessed to change sections.

Under the student menu on the registrar’s web site,, you can download the add or drop form, and check on deadlines, signature requirements, and fees. Once a class has begun, you will need instructors’ signatures for the sections added and dropped.

Withdrawing your registration

If you plan to terminate your course work, you need to formally withdraw your registration. Otherwise, leaving the University after a semester has begun may result in F grades and payment of fees that might have been avoided. Refer to the registrar’s web site for deadlines and penalties.

Withdrawing your registration does not require approval from your academic advisor or your instructors. No credit will be given for the session.

Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tippie College of Business, or Graduate College obtain the withdrawal form from the Registrar’s Service Center. Students in all other colleges should obtain the form from their collegiate dean’s office.

The Registrar’s Service Center staff may direct you to obtain other signatures on the withdrawal form depending on services you receive at the University.

Return your completed withdrawal form to the Registrar’s Service Center. If you are entitled to a tuition and fee adjustment, you will be informed at that time. These adjustments are made for withdrawals received during the first four weeks of a fall or spring semester. Consult the registrar’s web site for deadlines and amounts.

A notation of “withdrew” and the date will appear on your transcript for the session in which you withdrew. No courses are listed and no grades are given for withdrawals.