College Academic Advising Policies and Procedures

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Transfer Student Advising

  • Students who transfer in fewer than 24 s.h.—as well as those who declare the “open” major or plan to apply to limited admission majors or programs—are advised at the Academic Advising Center.
  • CLAS students with a declared major and who have earned more than 24 s.h. are usually advised in the department offering their major. Some students, such as those in the Interdepartmental Studies major, are advised at the Academic Advising Center until graduation.
  • If you are applying to a limited admission major or program, you will be advised at AAC until you are accepted into that program or until you declare another major.
  • Advising is provided by faculty or professional advising staff, depending on the department.
  • Each department also has a designated honors advisor and a director of undergraduate studies who are available to answer questions from all departmental majors.
  • Many departments require you to meet with your advisor to be authorized to register for classes and to make changes in your registration after classes begin.
  • Regardless of where you are advised, you may request a different advisor for any reason.  

 Henry B. Tippie College of Business

Transfer students who are admitted to the Tippie College of Business have an assigned advisor in the Undergraduate Program Office in C140 Pappajohn Business Building.  Pre-business students are advised in both the CLAS Academic Advising Center or the TCOB Undergraduate Program Office based on the prerequisite courses that have been completed.  Advising appointments early in your first semester are recommended.  Registration planning appointments are required prior to registering for your second semester.  Thirty minute appointments can be arranged with UPO advisors using the online scheduler at or by calling 319-335-1037.   Walk-in advising is also offered daily in C140 PBB from 10:30-11:30 a.m. for brief, general questions that can be answered by the advisor on duty. 

In order to get to know more about your College and the many resources and opportunities available in and out of the classroom you will be participating in an orientation program called ADMIT ONE in your first semester in the Tippie College.   To help you take advantage of all that Tippie has to offer you are required to select and attend several events designed to introduce you to a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities.  These out-of-class experiences will differentiate you from all of the other outstanding graduates who will enter the work force with you at graduation.  You will be able to select the events that interest you from an extensive menu of possibilities, including internship and career fairs, study abroad information sessions, student organization meetings, guest speakers, and much more.

For more information on college policies and procedures, resources, and academic advising refer to the Undergraduate Program website at  

College of Engineering

Undergraduate Academic Advising

All currently enrolled engineering students are required to meet with an academic advisor once a semester, prior to registering for the next semester courses. Advising for undeclared/first year engineering students takes place in the Student Development Center. Students are required to sign up for a time to meet with an professional advisor, Megan Allen, Kelli Delfosse, or Nancy Schneider before registration begins. Students in their second year and have declared a major will be assigned a faculty advisor in the fall session.

By meeting with academic advisors, students are able to discuss current courses, major options, plan course selection and be authorized to register, as well as discuss any other issues.

Students may also utilize the Peer Advisors to answer questions or concerns. They offer advice on their respective majors, course combinations, course loads and share their personal experiences through their journey to a career in engineering. Peer Advisors are available in the Student Development Center, 3124 SC between 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. or 12:30 p.m.- 3:30 p.m. for assistance.

What advisor will expect from you:

  • Make appointments to meet regularly throughout the year
  • Learn the curriculum and requirements for your degree as well as policies and procedures
  • Be on time and come prepared with questions/materials for discussion
  • Clarify personal values and goals and provide advisor with accurate information regarding your interests and abilities
  • Explore ways to get involved and enhance your education

What you can expect from your advisor:

  • Effectively communicate academic policies and procedures and the curriculum and graduation requirements for your major
  • Provide encouragement and support as students develop realistic goals and make academic progress
  • Assist students in gaining decision making skills and skills in assuming responsibility for their education plans and achievements
  • Provide students with information on the available resources and services on campus

Currently enrolled declared engineering majors students are required to meet with a faculty academic advisor once a semester, prior to registering for the next semester courses. Students are required to sign up for a time to meet with their faculty advisor the week before early registration begins. Faculty will place a sign-up sheet outside their office door with available times for students to meet and discuss their upcoming semester courses, typically the appointment sign up sheets are made available to students two weeks prior to early registration. If a student is unable to meet with their faculty during the times listed, it is their responsibility to contact the faculty member and set up at time that will fit within their schedule.

Expectations for students:

  • To meet with their faculty advisor at least once a semester, it is highly recommended that students meet with them more.
  • To arrive on time as scheduled
  • To come prepared to the appointment with list of future courses, questions and concerns

Students are randomly assigned a faculty advisor, when assigned, students are informed of their faculty advisors contact information via email. Students wishing to change their academic advisor may do so by completing the Change of Major/Academic advisor form.

College of Engineering has six academic departments:

College of Nursing

Students who are completing pre-requisites for the pre-licensure BSN program at a different college/university should begin with a transcript evaluation. This information from this free service will be invaluable to you as you prepare to meet the requirements for time of application and time of matriculation (enrollment) in our program should you be selected for admission. 

Transcript Evaluation:

Collect transcripts from all institutions where you have completed collegiate course work. Scan the documents so that they can be attached to an email (pdf or word document please). For a transcript evaluation, we do not need to see official transcripts. When you apply for admission official transcripts will be required.

Send an email to  and attach all transcripts. Please write "Transcript Evaluation Request" and your name in the subject line. In the text of the email please note whether you completed one year of physics in high school and number of years of which world (foreign) language that you completed in high school.

An evaluation will be completed of your record and will be returned to you electronically.

To search and identify comparable courses at another institution, please utilize our transfer equivalency database available at:

College of Medicine

The Department of Biochemistry has multiple faculty advisors. Anyone who is considering attending the University of Iowa as a biochemistry major should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Marc Wold, for a full review of the biochemistry major. General academic advising for freshmen is conducted through the University Academic Advising Center.

Biochemistry majors should meet regularly with their advisor. Advisors help students choose appropriate coursework, give advice on study methods, discuss career plans and help reach long-term goals. In particular, the advisor helps students choose the BA or BS track in the sophomore year.

Questions regarding your advisor or other aspects of the undergraduate program may be directed to Dr. Wold.

Radiologic Technology Education

Nuclear Medicine Technology

College of Pharmacy

Pre-Pharmacy Advising

Interested in Pharmacy but want to make sure you are on the right path?  Registering for classes and need to meet with your advisor?  Just e-mail us to set up an appointment:

Richard Barajas –

Patricia McCormick –

Pharmacy Advising

If you have questions about your pharmacy curriculum plan then stop in and see Patricia McCormick or e-mail her to make an appointment.

University College

  • The Division of Continuing Education (DCE) provides professional advisors to support and assist Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) students in making informed choices about academic goals. Advisors work with students either face-to-face, via telephone or email, respond to questions and help students work with other offices on campus.
  • After being admitted, BAS students will receive an electronic communication from their assigned advisor. Students may request a different advisor for any reason.