Credit By Other Means

The University recognizes that you may have skills or knowledge from high school or other educational experiences corresponding to courses offered here. By awarding exemption and/or credit for successful completion of certain exams, this college-level background is recognized and students are free to enroll in courses that are more appropriate for their preparation level.

Credit by Examination

Students may earn credit in some academic areas through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), the Advanced Placement Program (AP), and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Students may earn up to 30 s.h. of credit by exam. Pharmacy students should check with their collegiate dean’s office concerning the number of credit-by-exam hours that can be applied toward their degree.

Furthering Language Incentive Program (FLIP)

Offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and available to undergraduate students who complete at least four years of the same language in high school, FLIP offers students two ways to earn extra college credit in a world language. Students may earn up to a maximum of 8 s.h. This credit is ungraded but the hours count toward graduation.

Students with AP world language credit must avoid duplication and regression when registering for FLIP-eligible courses. Ask your advisor for help in choosing FLIP courses. For details, consult the college’s web site, the CLAS Academic Programs and Services office, or the online Student Academic Handbook at

Mathematics Incentive Program (MIP)

MIP enables entering students who take the MPT Level 3 exam and who enroll in an MIP-eligible course to earn ungraded credit for the prerequisite course providing they receive a grade of B or higher. Consult your college’s academic programs office for details.