Free viewing of American Promise

*photo from american promise website.

American Promise is currently on tour across the United States with the goal of increasing knowledge about the path to college for many African American families. We are the only screening in Iowa. The documentary, filmed over 13 years, “Follows the lives of two African-American families as they try to navigate a path for their young sons at The Dalton School—a prestigious, private school in New York City with predominately white student body." The film is a multiple award winner that gets to the root of issues such as how far college admissions have come in terms of equality, how far there still is to go, how it feels to be a minority on a predominately white campus, what the challenges are for parents as well as students, if affirmative action helps, and what role the ups and downs of the path to college play in the psyche. The trailer is available for viewing here: .

At the Englert Theatre on Tuesday, February 11th at 6:30 p.m. There is no charge to attend!