Garrett Skinner

Hello! I'm Garrett Skinner, and I'm a Mentor! I am a Biochemistry major who transferred to University of Iowa from Kirkwood Community College. 

Best Experience at Iowa So Far: The best experience I’ve had so far has been being able to be a part of the Dean’s Student Advisory Committee. This experience has allowed my fellow committee members and myself to meet directly with Dean Djalali and other administrative members to provide them with student input on important campus wide issues.

Favorite Class So Far and Why: My favorite class so far at the University of Iowa has been Organic Chemistry I. I enjoyed this class so much because the professor did an outstanding job integrating the course material with current research interests.

One Piece of Advice for a New Transfer Student: My one piece of advice to a new transfer student would be to try your best to overcome the anxiety of trying new things. This anxiety is what holds us back from exploring the many extra-curricular options available to us as University of Iowa students.

Portrait of Garrett Skinner