Information for Mentors

As a Mentor in the program, you are responsible for assisting new students with their transition into the University of Iowa. Mentors must be transfer students that had a successful transition to the university and are willing to use their experiences to support those transitioning to the university.  You are encouraged to use email, Facebook, and face-to-face interactions to make connections with all of your mentees throughout the academic year. As a returning student this is a great leadership opportunity and a chance to connect with more students and administrators on campus.

Common Questions:

What are the benefits of the program?

What is the time commitment?

What are my responsibilities?

What is the required GPA?

What is expected of me?

1.    What are the benefits of the program?

The benefits for mentor include an excellent network of peers, and opportunities to develop important skills like leadership, time management, communication and organization.

2.    What is the time commitment?

The Transfer Mentor Program is a full year commitment. Expected hours per week would be around 2-3 hours spent interacting with mentees, but it does depend on how much support your particular mentees will want.

3.     What are my responsibilities?

Mentors are assigned new transfer students based on their major. The responsibility of a mentor is to contact and connect with new transfer students and be their source of information. Mentors are there to help and guide new transfer students and answer any questions they might have.

4.     What is the required GPA?

You must be in good academic standing, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and cannot be on academic warning.

5.     What is expected of me?

Mentors are expected to complete training, contact and connect with transfer students, plan and implement one large scale event per semester, and help students become more familiar with Iowa!