Parking & Transportation

The University of Iowa Parking & Transportation Office provides many services to UI students. When it comes to parking and transportation there are many options available. To find the option that best suits you please use the Parking Office's Guide to Parking Options

Utilize the Parking Services Map to learn more about locations on campus.

Parking & Transportation provides information on the following topics within the Student Parking section of their website:


The University of Iowa provides free public transportation via the CAMBUS system. Please visit the CAMBUS website to learn more and to find bus routes and schedule. The Bionic Bus is also operated by CAMBUS and is the University of Iowa's specialized transportation service for persons with disabilities. It's a demand-response, curb-to-curb service designed to serve the needs of University students, faculty, and staff within most areas of Iowa City and Coralville. To learn more about the Bionic Bus visit the Bionic Bus section of the CAMBUS website.


Bongo (Bus On the Go) is a GPS-based, real-time passenger information system that allows riders to find current bus locations as well as predictions for upcoming bus arrivals for Iowa City, Coralville and the University of Iowa. To find out more information click the logo below!

For more information contact Parking & Transportation at: (319) 335-1473