Registering for Classes

Students at The University of Iowa register for classes through ISIS (Iowa Student Information Services) at Through ISIS, students can check course availability and register for classes on any computer with Internet access.

The Registration Process

Go online through ISIS and browse the available class offerings three to four weeks before the early registration period.

Compile a list of courses you want to take. A wise strategy is to select, when possible, more than one course that would satisfy any given requirement. You need these “alternate courses” in the event that one of your first choices closes before you register. An alternate course is not a different section or meeting time for one of your first choices. It is a completely different course you will register for in case a first choice closes. Alternate courses must be approved by your advisor.

To begin the registration process, list the courses you are interested in taking. Your list should include class name, class times and days, semester hours, and special permission authorization, if applicable. Using specific class times, schedule your lectures, single-section courses, and courses with few sections first. Schedule laboratories next. Sometimes labs are difficult to fit in because they normally last longer than the usual 50 minutes. Schedule your discussion sections and multi-section courses last. Also be sure to:

  • Be alert for courses that have prerequisites.
  • Become familiar with course sections that could be substituted if something closes before you register.
  • Ensure that the course number, section, and time agree with the course information on ISIS.
  • List and register for all parts of a course (Lec/Lab/Dis).
  • Keep in mind that distance between classes is not usually a scheduling factor.
  • Remember to leave time for lunch.
  • Check for time conflicts.

Make an appointment to meet with your advisor. Each office/department follows its own scheduling procedures. It’s up to you to find what practice your advisor follows and to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Bring your list of courses with you. Your academic advisor will approve your courses and help you fine-tune your class schedule. Your advisor will authorize your registration online.

Check ISIS for course availability. There is a possibility that courses you’ve planned to take might become full before you are scheduled to register. Use ISIS for the most current class availability information.

Register for your classes. Log-in to ISIS and click on Registration at or after your assigned registration time. Please contact your advisor if ISIS indicates that you have not been authorized to register. You may also go to the Registrar's Service Center to register or contact them with questions. 

Be sure to check your current address on ISIS, and remember to make any changes when you register.

Your Registration May Be Impeded If:

  • You have failed to pay your U-bill. Outstanding University charges must be paid before each registration. If your account is overdue, you will not be allowed to register. You may pay online or at the University Billing Office.
  • You have not submitted proof of your measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) immunization to Student Health Service. For information on the University’s immunization policy, see page 24. If you fail to comply, you won’t be permitted to register for classes again until you do comply by submitting documented proof of your immunity or by receiving the MMR vaccine.
  • The Office of Admissions has not received your final academic transcripts.

Registrar's Service Center

17 Calvin Hall