Student Resources

Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it and take advantage of help when it’s offered. The University has a variety of resources, and help is available on many levels:

  • Your professor and/or TA can help during office hours or you can ask for an appointment.
  • Many departments have established tutoring and help centers. For example, students taking mathematics courses can go to the Math Help Lab.
  • Colleges also have established tutoring and help programs. For example, engineering students have access to a number of engineering-specific programs.

The sooner you seek help, the sooner it will benefit you. Most ongoing assistance offered throughout the semester is on a first-come, first-served basis. Procrastinating may prevent you from getting the help you need because many others also ask for help.

In addition to these course-, department-, and college-specific resources, all University students have access to several academic support centers.

The University maintains many web sites that are helpful for exploring majors and choosing courses. While some of this information can be obtained in printed form, make it a habit to verify this information through ISIS at

Find Your Focus

Find Your Focus is a program available for students who are open majors and for those students who have declared majors, but are now questioning their choice. Start the process of defining your academic and career interests today at

Guide to Courses

The Guide to Courses at can be browsed to obtain course descriptions for general education and major courses and also can be used to obtain information about honors courses, courses offered for 1–2 s.h., and elective courses.

General Catalog

Access the catalog at It outlines the major and minor requirements for each academic department. It also provides brief descriptions of every course available at the University.

Student Academic Handbook

Each college’s Student Academic Handbook is available through ISIS at Check it for important information about admission requirements, academic policies, registration information, and graduation requirements.