Transfer Student Orientation

Program Reservations

How to make your reservations:

  1. Sign into ISIS using your Hawk ID and password
  2. Click on the Admissions Profile link on the right side of the screen
  3. Scroll down to the Health Insurance Requirement link and indicate your insurance status (this is required before you are able to register for an Orientation program).
  4. Return to your Admissions Profile and click on the Orientation/Registration link to select from a list of programs available for your major.

How your eligible program dates are determined?

Orientation programs are scheduled based on advisor availability, and not all majors are represented at each program. When making your reservation on ISIS, you will see only program dates for which you are eligible.

Before making your online reservation:

  • If you haven't decided on a major, select "Open Major" on the online reservation form.

  • If you intend to teach at the high-school level, indicate your subject area (history, English, chemistry, etc.) as your major.

  • If you have changed your major since you applied for admission, be sure to indicate your new major on the online reservation form. Let us know immediately if you switch majors after reserving your program date.

  • If you have been admitted to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as having an "interest" in a major (such as elementary education or nursing), this does not guarantee your admission to another college within the University. Please contact those colleges directly to find out about their specific admission requirements.

Confirming your program date

Your Orientation date will appear in your confirmation letter and also on your Admissions Profile on ISIS. We will attempt to honor your first choice of program date, but this is not always possible due to limited space in the programs, as well as advisor availability.

Changing your reservation

If you need to reschedule or change your major, call Orientation Services at 319-335-1497 at least 14 days in advance.