Tutor Iowa

Tutor Iowa is an excellent resource to find academic assistance and mentoring for your University of Iowa courses. You can begin searching for a tutor at: http://tutor.uiowa.edu.

Below are brief descriptions of the tutoring services offered:

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) helps you figure out how to be successful in your course. You'll meet with a fellow student (an SI leader) who did well in the course, compare notes with other students, discuss readings, get organized, and predict and prepare for test items. The leader attends all class lectures and takes notes, so you can be sure that your leader knows what's going on in your class and is working with the professor. The sessions are informal, so you can come and go as you please.

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Campus Help Labs

Several departments on campus offer facilities specifically for academic assistance, including one-on-one consultations, technology services, and more.

See a full list of Campus Help Labs

Private Tutors

Private tutors are available to students in a variety of subject areas and departments. These tutors have been approved by the administration of Tutor Iowa by confiming they have met the following criteria: are University of Iowa students or staff members, have earned 15 or more semester hours of college credit, have minimum GPAs of 3.33, have earned no less than a B grade on completion of each course listed, and have completed a 50-minute orientation through the Tutor Iowa program.

Appointments and fees are negotiated privately. Tutor Iowa is not responsible for the payment of or services provided by private tutors.

It is strongly encouraged for undergraduate students seeking help to request a 10-15 minute meeting (at no cost) with any prospective private tutors you wish to hire. During this meeting, share with the tutor 'why' you are seeking help (what do you want to get out of tutoring) and, in return, ask the tutor 'how' they will be able to meet your goals. If you think you would like to receive services from this tutor, discuss the details of what the service will include: "when" will you receive tutoring, "where" you will meet (we recommend an on-campus location, such as the Main Library or IMU), "how often" will you meet, and "the hourly pay". Put this in writing -- an e-mail will do -- to make sure both parties understand what the service will entail.

If you are unable to find a suitable private tutor through Tutor Iowa, it is recommended that you talk with your professor, TA or the corresponding academic department to see if they have any leads on private tutors.

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