Your Degree

What’s a college degree? The answer may surprise you. A college degree is a certification that you have completed a formal plan of study. Your degree is a symbol of the work you’ve done and the skills you’ve acquired. No matter what degree you earn or major you choose, you will be able to practice and refine valuable skills that will prepare you for almost any career and, even more importantly, that you will use in your daily life.

As you complete the requirements for your degree and major, you’ll develop:

  • Communication skills: how to read, write, speak, and listen effectively.
  • Analytical reasoning skills: how to break down problems and find solutions.
  • Cross-cultural skills: how to assess information about other cultures from a critical and comparative perspective.
  • Research skills: how to use scientific methods to explore change and development in the natural world.
  • Ethical skills: how to discuss questions of values.
  • Aesthetic understanding: how to appreciate and evaluate artistic forms, values, and patterns of meaning.

Degrees and majors

The number and kind of courses you take for your degree will depend on the major and degree you choose. Although there are dozens of undergraduate majors, there are only a few degrees.

Combined Degrees

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers combined degree programs with the Tippie College of Business, the Carver College of Medicine, and the Colleges of Engineering and Nursing. These programs may take five academic years to complete.

You must be admitted to each college and complete the requirements for each degree, including those for the General Education Program of each college, the requirements for the majors, and the appropriate residence requirements. Students earning multiple degrees generally earn more than the required minimum of 120–128 s.h. to complete all degree requirements.